Poker Lens: Tracker and HUD

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  • Heads-up display (HUD) showing opponents stats
  • Tracker to analyze your own game
  • Replayer to review any hand step by step
  • Cash games and tournaments support
  • Fully configurable
  • Supporting several rooms*
  • Fast hands importer
  • Free while in beta!
Xypto Poker Lens - HUD

Poker Lens: Tracker & HUD for OS X

Consistently winning internet poker players have a secret: they use a tracker and a HUD (Heads-up display). The tracker is to improve your own game and accumulate data about your opponents, the HUD is to display key stats about their playing patterns, a key to making better decisions (Learn more...).

The tracker and the replayer also allows you to analyze your own game, which is crucial for identifying your own strenghts and weaknesses.

Use Poker Lens: focus your game, exploit your opponent's weaknesses, be on the winning side of information assymetry!

(*) Supported Poker rooms:

  • PokerStars (all rooms, including .it and .fr)
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • Absolute Poker (cash game only as of this beta)
  • OnGame network: the tracker works for all the rooms of the OnGame network (like bwin, Bestpoker, Betsafe, Goalwin, etc. However as of this beta, the HUD ain't working yet for the OnGame skins on OS X)